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£250.00 Plus VAT and Delivery

Geocell Recycled FoamGlass Aggregate (RFG)

Made in Germany to exacting standards; GeoCell offers the highest quality RFG on the market

Sold either:

In 2m3 Bags (Each bag is supplied on a pallet for ease of loading / unloading and storage).


90m3 Loose Load (Please call to discuss Your requirements).

RFG can be used as the load bearing sub-base for the LABC approved Limecrete floor system and other floating slab types


Without a slab to support a timber framework for installing wooden flooring (either solid or engineered).

One of the major advantages of using RFG is it can be installed at a lesser depth than more modern sub-base and slab systems. This system requires less digging out and therefore reduces time, money and the chance of undermining shallow foundations found in older buildings.

It can reduce the effects of rising damp by lowering the amount of moisture present under the entire floor area and prevent moisture from being forced to the base of the walls.

Installation depth between (min.) 125mm – 300mm depth.

A 2m3 Bag will cover:

16m2 @ 125mm Depth

10m2 @ 200mm Depth

8m2 @ 250mm Depth

6.66m2 @ 300mm Depth


  •  High Thermal Insulation
  •  Load Bearing
    the load-capacity can be controlled by the compression ratio
  • Non-Capillary
    prevents moisture from rising and percolates water
  • Permanently Stable
    resistant against ageing, rotting, fire, bacteria, frost, acids, bases,
    moisture and rodents
  • Environmentally friendly
    made from 100% recycled glass, energy efficient in
    manufacturing, harm- less to soil, inert and pH neutral
  • Saving Time and Money
    due to efficiency and speed of installation
  • Sustainable
    no consumption of raw materials as it is made from
    recycled material


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