Lime-washing is the ultimate finishing touch for Your Lime Plaster, Pointing, and even Your exposed Timbers.

We apply hot mixed Limewash in a brilliant white as standard or with pigments added to create some truly inspirational colours.

(Boiled Linseed Oil can be added for a little extra weather protection if required).

Limewash is the most breathable and authentic covering. It makes little sense to use a non-breathable paint over Your Lime Plaster or Pointing.

Modern ‘breathable’ paints can trap water in the walls. They contain plastic acrylic which claims to repel rain and let walls breathe. The reality is often quite different and we often see large bubbles of trapped water which must be popped with a pin to drain. This is devastating for Your walls.

Limewash is naturally anti-septic. Historically,  Limewash was applied liberally almost everywhere, in stables, outbuildings and on exposed timbers. Being naturally antiseptic, it prevents mould, mildew and fungus spores from developing and helps keep woodworm and other boring insects at bay.

Did You know… Most exposed timber frames and beams were Limewashed, and not painted black, originally

Limewash allows Salts to pass through. In conjunction with Lime Plaster, salt-laden moisture is able to evaporate allowing any residue to be brushed harmlessly from the surface, with no damage to the plaster or paint.

Cement Plaster traps hygroscopic salt in the walls which, conversely, causes terrible damage to the fabric of the building. Gypsum Plasterboard crumbles, emulsion paint flakes off and ugly salt deposits form. This are all signs that Your walls need to breathe.

After a number of Years, Limewash can either be refreshed to maintain its vibrancy or left to develop a softer appearance. This is not a failing. Rather, it is intended to be sacrificial to protect the building.

For a somewhat longer lasting covering we offer Silicate paint as an alternative. This forms a stronger mineral bond with the substrate than Limewash and lasts a longer (approx. 15-20 years) but the compromise is slightly reduced breathability and higher upfront cost.

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