Lime Plastering

We predominantly work with Hot Mixed and Lime Putty Plaster which we can apply to e.g. Lath, Brick, Stone, Timber or substrates such as Wood Fibre or Wood Wool boards.

We use a variety of recipes and techniques depending on the age or condition of the building, including 3 Coat Work, Insulated Lime Plaster, Hemp Lime Plaster and repairing or matching original historic plaster.

Lime Plaster is perfect for new build and modern projects. Its subtle textures contrast beautifully with modern fittings, particularly when painted with Limewash. This creates a very special finish that seems to change in different light.

Lime Plaster has many benefits over Plasterboard and Gypsum Skim. Plastering the substrate directly maintains continuous capillary action required to let moisture to evaporate. Dew points remain unaffected. Space in the room is improved. It does not break down in the presence of moisture or salts. It follows the shape of the building instead of looking overly ‘boxy’. It also dampens sound more effectively. It may also be a stipulation of a Listed Building.

Lime Plaster virtually eliminates condensation. It absorbs moisture from the air when humidity is high, like a giant dehumidifier, and releases it again when humidity is low.¬† The more Lime Plaster You have, the greater this ‘buffering’ effect. The result is a unique stable interior climate which is better experienced than described.

Lime Plaster inhibits mould. Being alkaline and naturally anti-septic it inhibits the growth of Mould and Mildew and can help deter wood boring insects such as woodworm.

Lime Plaster inside is just as important as Lime Render and Pointing on the outside. By ensuring both sides of a traditional wall remain breathable (assuming proper ventilation and no other issues) we can create an environment that is warm and dry and protect the structure against decay.

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