About Us

Cheshire Lime Ltd was founded by Peter Borgs who has 16+ years hands-on experience.

We specialise in the Conservation & Restoration of Listed & Heritage Buildings using the most traditional materials and techniques.

We also advocate the benefits of modern Lime products, breathable insulation and sustainable materials in retro-fit and more modern projects.

As a result we have developed a set of truly hybrid skills.

We consider ourselves specialist yet broad-spectrum; Sensitive yet pragmatic. It is these qualities which really define us.

The Finest Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Lime has been used for thousands of years. Aesthetic Beauty, Eco-Credentials and Technical Benefits make it the most important and exciting material for conserving the past and building the future

We also drive more Modern projects showcasing the technical abilities of e.g. Lime Mortar, Lime Plaster, Limecrete and natural insulation.

These materials can be integrated into new-build structures often outperforming their modern counterparts. They can contribute to an unrivalled environment; Warm, Dry, free of Mould and Condensation, less Toxins and Stunning Aesthetics.

More eco-friendly than Concrete and Cement; Lime products actively lower their carbon footprint by absorbing Carbon Dioxide during application.

Traditional materials allow us to undo years of neglect, re-introduce breathability and enhance character. Modern advancements allow us to improve living conditions without compromising these qualities. There is often a balance between the preservation of a building vs the need for it to remain viable.

A few more things You should know

  • We strive to work with You to the best of our ability
  • We treat every job with the utmost care and attention
  • We are covered by fully comprehensive specifically tailored for work on listed buildings and structures (plus all other categories)
  • We are a recognised company registered in the U.K.

Whether You hire us directly or use our products You can be assured of the same consistently high quality.

We would love to hear from You