ThermaTech Super-Heated Water Cleaning

We are extremely proud to add the latest and most powerful ThermaTech Inox Super-Heated Water Cleaner from Restorative Techniques to our ever growing inventory of equipment.

It produces superheated water up to 150ᵒC and can be used to clean masonry and brickwork, remove inappropriate plastic paints, bituminous coatings, remove graffiti and organic growth e.g. moss and green algae

Far more advanced than pressure washers, ThermaTech is a modular range of equipment approved by Historic England for its highly effective, yet sympathetic, ability to clean most aspects of heritage and listed buildings.

We have then further expanded the versatility of this system with the ground-breaking new ThermaTech Abrasive attachment.

This add-on allows a very mildly abrasive medium to be used simultaneously with the super-heated water, allowing for removal of non-temperature sensitive coatings e.g. old limewash and silicate paints

(some of which were previously considered almost impossible to remove without very time-consuming labour or harsh sandblasting that can irreversibly damage delicate surfaces).

Incredibly, our new system allows two operators to work side-by-side doubling the work rate making us extremely efficient.

This equipment perfectly compliments our other services making us far more efficient and able to offer complete ‘in-house’ packages to meet Your needs.

Our own understanding of heritage buildings allied with the full support of the technical team at Restorative Techniques means we are able to confidently tackle the most difficult or sensitive projects.

We are therefore delighted to offer on-going maintenance or one-off cleaning contracts.

If You are interested in either domestic or commercial ThermaTech cleaning, whether You have a listed building or require a repeated commercial maintenance contract service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We would love to hear from You