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Churn Brush

£10.00 Plus VAT and Delivery

Finest Quality Churn Brush from The Hill Brush Company.

Used for knocking back Lime Mortars and general hand brush duties.

By far the best quality Churn Brush on the market with a properly tapered head and straight, hardwearing bristles.

Tapered Head – Allows You to strike firmly and cleanly along mortar joints, on flat areas and work into tight corners without bruising Your knuckles.

Straight Bristles – Means an accurate striking pattern. Inferior brushes will splay or spread making it difficult to strike accurately, spread mortar over the brick faces and make a tiring job take much longer.

Hard wearing – Because these bristles stay firm and straight until the brush is completely worn down it means no loss of performance from start to finish. Each brush therefore has a longer service life making them much better value.

Good quality timber – resists splitting in water and doubles as a useful tool for rubbing back Lime Mortar and blending edges.

Who knew a wooden brush could be so exciting!

From the Manufacturer…

“263mm general purpose or churn brush, filled stiff Bahia/Bassine, chisel edged. Churn brushes were originally made for cleaning out barrels and milk churns, easy to hold and with thick, pointed material at the ends for thorough, easy cleaning of corners. They are now used for cleaning buckets, cement mixers, and very commonly for tuck pointing and chimney breast work in the building industry, and for general use on building sites and in yards and gardens. A must for the professional builder. It is resilient, holds its shape well, holds water well, may be used in very hot water, and does not crush out of shape easily, is tough, hard working and made to last.”

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