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Calbux Gran 15 Kibbled Quicklime – 25kg

£18.50 Plus VAT and Delivery

The finest quality purest white Buxton Calbux Quicklime in 15mm Kibbled form.

Sold as either 25kg individual bags or Full Pallet of 40 x 25kg Bags

Slightly less violent reaction than the finely powdered Calbux 90M Quicklime due to lower surface area which makes it somewhat safer to work with*

This type of Quicklime better represents the kibbled ‘chunks’ of Quicklime used back-in-the-day compared to the very finely powdered Calbux 90m which we also offer.

It further allows the replication of Lime Clasts / Inclusions in the Mortars and Plasters which is not only visually more accurate but also improves the Autogenous Healing (Self Healing) properties of truly traditional hot-mixed lime mortars and plasters.

Quicklime Safety Data Sheet

*All handling precautions must be taken when working with any Quicklime product including fully sealed goggles, FFP3 Respirator mask and Gauntlets. This product is highly alkaline and reactive with any form of moisture, including that of the eyes and lungs and as such must not be allowed to make contact with either.

We strongly recommend the purchase of at least one ‘shot’ of Diphoterine eye wash to keep on hand when working with Quicklime. It is the ONLY eyewash available to neutralise and bind with the quicklime if it enters the eyes. It must be administered immediately in order to prevent serious long term injury. Rinsing with water may actually increase any reaction.

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