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Thermafleece Sheeps Wool Insulation

The UKs only British Sheeps Wool Insulation

Thermafleece – Natural, Sustainable, Breathable Insulation

Suitable for traditional building and modern construction

We are very proud to offer this comprehensive range of thermal and acoustic insulation by Thermafleece.

Thermafleece British Sheeps Wool insulation can be used in Roofs, Walls and Floors.

By combining natural Sheep wool and recycled fibres at their optimum proportions and density ensures all Thermafleece Insulation meets the highest demands of traditional and modern construction.

Proud supporters of British farming and all the wool comes only from British farms.

Supplied in a variety of sizes and densities to suit all your performance needs.

THERMAFLEECE COSYWOOL ROLL: A versatile, wool rich natural and breathable insulation perfect for lofts and floors. CosyWool rolls come in a compressed form that reduces transport impacts by more than 50% and makes it ideal for quick and easy installation. Once unpacked, it regains its original thickness to provide excellent thermal and acoustic performance.

 A great choice for insulating walls and roofs.  Our wool rich blend ensures you get the full benefit of sheep’s wool with enhanced thermal and acoustic performance, durability and sustainability. CosyWool Slabs are flexible, slightly denser than rolls, designed to tightly friction fit in walls and roofs.

THERMAFLEECE ULTRAWOOL: A specialist, high density, ultra-efficient insulation available as a flexible wool rich slab and the ideal choice if you are looking for maximum thermal performance when space is at a premium. What’s more, with its higher density Thermafleece UltraWool helps provide exceptional acoustic insulation performance in wall, floor and roof systems.

THERMAFLEECE NATRAHEMP: A medium density Hemp insulation from the makers of Thermafleece. Rich in hemp fibres,  NatraHemp fits securely between timbers and provides excellent thermal insulation performance for lofts, floors and wall applications.

SUPASOFT RECYCLED: The softest of insulations. SupaSoft uses the same technology as duvets and pillows taking waste plastic bottles and turning them into a soft, warm and kind insulation.  It doesn’t itch or contain any harmful chemicals.

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