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The ‘General Purpose’ Natural Hydraulic Lime.

NHL 3.5 is a medium strength NHL described as Moderately Hydraulic.

Harder and faster setting that NHL2 but softer and slower setting than NHL5.

SECIL NHL3.5 can be used in situations where a slightly stronger, more rapid or structural set is required e.g. Setting new Lintels, re-building or re-pointing of more exposed areas such e.g. Chimney stacks, Rendering over blockwork or re-pointing around harder bricks or stonework.

Not recommended for use with very soft handmade bricks e.g. Cheshire Reds or sandstone. The golden rule is the mortar must always be softer than the bricks or stonework.

For Limecrete Floors and very exposed areas use NHL 5

For softer bricks, internal plastering or rendering consider using either NHL2, Hydrated Lime or a Hot-Mix Lime using Calbux 90.

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