Grade 2 Listed, Port Sunlight. Conservation Area. 1893.

The renowned Authors residing at this beautiful Grade 2 Listed house in the Conservation area of Port Sunlight, approached Cheshire Lime Ltd to undertake the Lime Torching of their roof.

The task to remove all the original Lime Torching was a dust loving contortionists dream!

The approximately 130 year old Lime Torching had now almost completely failed and the majority having fallen off.

All this, plus the soiled roof insulation, was painstakingly removed and vacummed to ensure no dust remained on the battens and underside of tiles that might prevent proper adhesion of the new Lime Torching.

We had already assessed the original Lime Torching for both composition and application method. An extremely hairy(!) custom Hot-Mixed Lime Torching was created using a mix of local sands.

This was hand applied into every area that was physically possible to reach and many slipped or loose tiles re-hung onto the battens as we went along.

To finish the job the owners requested a more modern insulation and loft boarding solution in order to use the roof space for functional storage which, in this instance, we were happy to oblige. As such, 270mm of good quality insulation, Loft Legs and 18mm T&G boards were sourced and fitted.

The result was very pleasing; Not only because it would preserve the history and timbers of the house for another 130 years but also because we could stand up properly again!

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