Based Near Chester in Cheshire

We are the Premier Traditional Lime Products Supplier in Cheshire, North Wales and the North West. We sell to both DIY & Trade. Collect materials from us in person from our Unit in Chester with Fork-Lift loading. We ship all over the U.K.

Conveniently located for customers in Cheshire, The Wirral, Liverpool, Manchester, North Wales and the North West of England.

Our speciality is working with Lime in its different forms often in the context of restoring and conserving Heritage and Listed buildings.

The materials we sell compliment this work and can be used by both Trade & DIY Customers.

We believe we are merely custodians of these buildings and We are mindful of the S.P.A.B. principles in respecting the original materials and methods used in construction.

This approach ensures the continued health of both the building and its occupants whilst preventing history from being obliterated.

We also keep one eye firmly on the future

We also drive more Modern projects showcasing the technical abilities of e.g. Lime Mortar, Lime Plaster, Limecrete and natural insulation.

These materials can be integrated into new-build structures often outperforming their modern counterparts. They can contribute to an unrivalled environment; Warm, Dry, free of Mould and Condensation, less Toxins and Stunning Aesthetics.

More eco-friendly than Concrete and Cement; Lime products actively lower their carbon footprint by absorbing Carbon Dioxide during application.

Advances in traditional materials allow us to make improvements in older buildings undoing years of neglect. We can re-introduce breathable performance whilst enhancing character. There is often a balance to be struck between the preservation of a building versus the need to remain viable to secure a buildings future.

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